Beyond the Beyond

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Book Title: Beyond the Beyond

Author: Swami Aaron (Dr. Aaron Thomas)

Genre: Spiritual Science

Language: English

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ISBN: 978-93-5265-919-7

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Publisher: Ultimate Bliss Publication

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Beyond the Beyond is an objective exploration into the absolute truth beyond and within the vast space-time continuum. Our realization and understanding of truth is always according to the matrix in which we live. The factors and parameters involved and present in our matrix shape and determine our realization and understanding of truth. That’s why, all religions, despite of claiming to have the realization of same God & Truth, they differ so widely in their approach and beliefs, resulting into so much violence and hatred against each other for the sake of their individual religion and God. Anyway, if we are honest and sincere in our approach towards the exploration of truth, the moment we proceed from our smaller matrix to a larger matrix, our understanding and realization changes and becomes clearer. So, when we place ourselves in the vastest possible matrix, our understanding and realization of absolute truth becomes crystal clear. Realization of God is possible only when, when you are in the biggest possible matrix. Religions like Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity etc. are smaller and divided matrices, that’s why people belonging to these matrices are forced to grope in the dark. Because of their unconsciousness and ignorance they claim and project their assumptions and beliefs as absolute truth and they resort to violence just to impose their assumed truth onto others. Everybody is busy to convert everyone into one’s belief system resulting into a total chaos, disputes and war. Truth always leads you towards peace, tranquility, love, bliss and celebration. If violence is the part of your so called truth, it means you are pole apart from the absolute truth. ‘Beyond the Beyond’ is an effort to make readers transcend beyond their present matrix, so that they can have direct crystal clear realization of truth in a very easy and logical way.



  • Introspect yourself in the mirror of these thoughts
  • Are you a handicapped person in-spite of having all organs working perfectly well?
  • Analyze your analysis and spiritual understanding
  • Coming out of spiritual quagmire
  • Some fundamental questions for proper spiritual exploration
  • Does your knowledge of spirituality make you light and playful? Or, it makes you a serious person?
  • Do you live your life? Or, your life lives you?
  • Does your spiritual pursuit leads to higher-consciousness? Or, it leads to delirium and unconsciousness?
  • Why are you just a Hindu, or a Muslim or a Christian?
  • Do you need God’s blessing; or you wish to bless God?
  • Beyond Your Worldly Intelligence
  • Do you really have the courage to live your ‘Self’?
  • Take benefit of sorrow and pain in your spiritual evolution
  • Why do good people lag behind and mostly remain unhappy in the world?
  • Feel privileged if gloom and sorrow has descended in your life
  • Making yourself free from slavery of brain hardwired & programmed by nature
  • Come out of the cocoon of your limited self
  • Live your life king size and like a king!
  • Unveil the core of yourself
  • The journey of life
  • Re-engineer the universe within you
  • On the path of scientific spirituality
  • Ultimate goal of life
  • What is God?
  • What is Consciousness?
  • God explained for atheists and simplified for theists
  • Pre-requites to realize God
  • How to realize the Absolute Truth
  • How to realize God directly without believing in any religion
  • Freedom from God’s frenzy
  • How to realize God through Sex?
  • Freedom from the slavery of the localized self
  • How to make a quantum jump into the highest possible level of eternal bliss
  • Our ultimate goal of life
  • Determinism v/s Free Will: Astrology and Beyond
  • Change your destiny, translate your desire in reality through Law of Attraction
  • Why Most of Spiritual Masters Fail?
  • Journey of Life
  • If a religious head is found enjoying sex, should he or she be condemned for this?
  • Even lust is divine; our social conditioning perverts it and makes it ugly
  • Enjoy money, sex and all materialism and realize God that way only
  • Spiritual benefits of desire
  • An easy and effective way to freedom from all craving and aversions
  • Recognition of True Love
  • If you depart from this world without living your life like a king
  • Does prayer really lead us to God?
  • Ultimate Truth
  • True meaning of Neti-Neti (Neither this; Nor that)
  • True Meaning of “Here and Now”
  • How to combat the real problems/challenges of life?
  • How does Mantra Therapy work in the realization of God?
  • Making sex divine by adding consciousness to it
  • Evolution of Lust to Love: Journey of Man becoming God
  • Would you dance with me in rain of love on the last threshold of the universe?





Introspect yourself in the mirror of these thoughts

  1. If I ask you who you are, just explain yourself, what might be your answer? Most probably you will come up with something like you are Mr./Miss/Mrs. so and so; spouse of so and so; son/daughter/parent of so and so; your profession is so and so, you are resident of so and so etc.


When you say you are Mr. /Mrs. so and so you are just naming a word used for your identification, but, you can’t be just a word; word is used just to identify you. The problem still remains: who are you?


When you say you are son/daughter of so and so or parent of so and so, etc., you are telling about others, and others cannot be you. When you say you are a doctor or a lawyer or an engineer etc. you are just naming a profession, a set of activities. You can’t be an activity. Activity does not have a tangible existence. When you say you are a resident of some place, you are naming a place and you can’t be a place, place can’t be you. The question still remains unanswered – who are you?


Don’t you find it amazing when you try to explain yourself; you explain everything that is out of your being? If you see the entire endeavor of your life, it is about outside factors, it is not about factors or constituents within you.


In this whole gamut of worldly engagements you are lost; you, in fact, don’t exist anywhere, despite your existence.


 If someone asks you –why do you exist, you may answer that you exist to support your family; and if one asks your family members, why do they exist, they may answer that they exist to support you. It is really very bizarre that you exist for those who are not aware of themselves, and they exist for you, who are not aware of him/her self!


Where are you? Who are you? Still, you don’t feel to unravel the great mystery about yourself?


  • You unconsciously think that you love your child. Just ask a question very honestly, from yourself – had your child been born in someone else’s house, had your child been someone else’s son or daughter, then also, whether you would have had the same intensity of love for the same child? Certainly not! If you say ‘no’, then it is clear that you don’t love your child; rather, you love yourself present in your child’s existence. You love just yourself.


  • You might be of the impression that your family members or others love you, or you love your family members and others, just do some experiments. Whatever you do for them, just stop doing so. Make them convinced that you are not going to do anything for them. Then, see whether your relationship still remains the same, whether they still love you the same way as they used to do earlier. Have the same introspection about yourself. Whatever others do for you, if they stop doing the same, then, whether you will still remain the same towards them?


  • You unconsciously think that your spouse loves you. Just think – had he/she been married to someone else, then also, would he/she love you in the same way as he/she loves you now?


  • Having been born in a certain religion, you may be of impression that you love and pray this or that God. Again ask the same question- had you been born in some other religion, then also, would you worship the same God?


Now just think honestly. You have been living your life so far in fallacy and illusion. Come out of your age old illusion; discover your real self now. Your present reality is that you don’t exist despite of your present physical existence. When you don’t exist, then, what is the meaning of other’s existence; what is the meaning of your wealth, your relatives, your friends, your power, prestige etc.?


This truth may appear very harsh; that’s why, most of the people don’t wish to encounter these facts of life. But, that way you miss the opportunity to live and enjoy the glory of your real self. In fact, you don’t live your life; rather, your life, your society, your situations etc. live you.


Just stop…, stop being a just a cog in the whole worldly system. Learn to be yourself, but, that you can do only when you know your real self.




Swami Aaron is a very unconventional writer, spiritual scientist, psychotherapist and self-taught artist. He is a secular, new age spiritualist who belongs to no worldly religion. He helps people afflicted with problems of stress, anxiety, depression, suicidal tendency, addiction, fear, chronic diseases etc. through his spiritual training of as how to evolve to and realize. Super-Consciousness, the Infinite Eternal Bliss.

Please, visit the websites and for details about him.

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