Dancing on the last threshold of the universe

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Book Title: Dancing on the Last Threshold of the Universe

Author: Swami Aaron (Dr. Aaron Thomas)

Genre: Spiritual Poetry

Language: English

Formats:ePub, Mobi, PDF, HTML

Size of Book: 8.5”x11

Number of Pages: 79

Words Count: 7258


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Publisher: Ultimate Bliss Foundation

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When all words disappear and silence shrouds the entire existence, in that state, super-consciousness sings its divine melody. The collection of poetry titled “Dancing on the Last Threshold of the Universe” authored by Swami Aaron is such a divine melody.


His words penetrate through the soul and dissolve it, making it free from the confinement of the body. It vaporizes the soul, spreading it into the entire existence. Swami Aaron’s poetry liberates us from our physical, mental, emotional, and all worldly confinements, transporting us to the highest plane of consciousness. It gives us the glimpse of eternity; it showers the divine bliss onto the whole human existence.


Reading this stupendous collection of blissful poetry written by Swami Aaron is a must for all soul seekers.





  1. Sitting atop the mountain hill
  2. When silence seeps inside me
  3. Talking to Self in Monologue
  4. Feelings, Body and Void
  5. Buddha Smiles in Eternity
  6. A Nascent Dew Drop
  7. World – The Web of Words
  8. Who am I?
  9. Beyond Words
  10. Moments Engulf Eternity
  11. When Manifestation Culminates
  12. On the Wings of Lust
  13. Marriage with the Self
  14. Dancing in the Ocean of God
  15. Ultimate Marriage
  16. Where the World Ends?
  17. Beyond Definition
  18. Ocean of Faces
  19. Cyclone around me
  20. In search of Self
  21. Void
  22. Out of City
  23. Eternal Celebration
  24. My Heart Impregnates You
  25. I Have Gone Mad
  26. Dance in Supreme Consciousness
  27. I am what I am
  28. Dissolved in Him
  29. Tussle Between Mind and Soul
  30. When Night Was Sleeping
  31. God, a divine polarity
  32. A Peregrination in Zero
  33. Riding on the Wings of Silence
  34. Lonely, totally lonely
  35. Expansion in Zero
  36. The Sun of Consciousness
  37. Complete Serenity
  38. Endless Expansion
  39. Getting Merged in You
  40. Night & I
  41. Annihilated in Eternal Rest
  42. Flight of Aspiration
  43. O my master, I ocean in you




Sitting atop the mountain hill


Sitting atop the mountain hill,

established in my self,

fragrance of bliss evaporates all around

from my body and soul.


Vapor spreads,

starts dancing in form of Shiva;

flutes of Krishna fills the whole valley

with its divine melody;

Buddha in me dazzles in pristine radiance.


I expand and permeate in the whole existence,

I occupy the whole universe in me,

now only I exist

in this whole blissful celebration of eternity,

witnessing each and every bit of

my magnanimous infinite Self.




When silence seeps inside me


When silence seeps inside me,

your countenance appears before my eyes.


When silence starts dancing in me,

you ooze in my heart

and caress my soul.


When silence transports me

to the sky of consciousness,

you spring in my being.


Then, we get merged

not only in just each other;

rather, we get merged

with the whole cosmos,

pervading till

the last threshold of the existence,

beyond the beyond,

within the within

of each and every bit of the existence.


The whole existence sparkles in eternity;

fragrance of divinity evaporates

and fills the whole existence;

and we get established in

nascent, ever fresh divinity.


Melody of silence culminates in bliss,

the divine, eternal and infinite bliss.




Talking to Self in Monologue


Sitting on the last edge of the earth,

in a corner of the galaxy,

with my eyes fixed in infinite,

I talk to myself in monologue,

in vain to patch,

the schism of the existence,

but, vacuum float all around,

the tornado of time

gets engulfed into the void.


The wheel of manifestation,

sinks in the ocean of nothingness.


Then, what is the purpose of this existence?

How can I unravel the mystery of this mystery?


My volcanic cognizance

has become mute now,

remaining unanswered,

a deep deafening silence,

shrouds the entire existence.

This silence ultimately sinks

in the ultimate silence.



Swami Aaron is a very unconventional writer, spiritual scientist, psychotherapist and self-taught artist. He is a secular, new age spiritualist who belongs to no worldly religion. He helps people afflicted with problems of stress, anxiety, depression, suicidal tendency, addiction, fear, chronic diseases etc. through his spiritual training of as how to evolve to and realize. Super-Consciousness, the Infinite Eternal Bliss.

Please, visit the websites and for details about him.

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