In Love with All Beautiful Women

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Book Title: In Love with All Beautiful Women

Author: Swami Aaron (Dr. Aaron Thomas)

Genre: Philosophic Fiction

Language: English

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Words Count: 89,354

ISBN: 978-93-5265-921-0

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“In Love with all Beautiful Women” is a new age erotic philosophical and spiritual novel. It is the story of a revolutionary man who questions the purpose of his existence and the rationality of the so-called social idealism. He inculcates the same fundamentalism in all those women who come from different walks of life, who devote their whole life to serve their family and society, but, in this course they lose their own identity and the glory of human existence.


The main character of this novel creates a very meaningful platform called “Life Celebration Club” with all those women who get into quest of their own meaning of life when they come across the superficiality and hypocrisy of the political, social and economic system. These people give a mission to their life to live their life on a vast macro platform attuned with nature’s fundamentals. This platform helps them to evolve to the state of super-consciousness, in which they live with the totality of their existence, being merged with the entire manifestation. When someone asks about this platform to the main character of the novel, he says –


In fact, the platform which I have developed here, the relationship is not a liability or a contract here; rather, people relate to each other in order to soar high in the infinite sky of freedom, joy and divine bliss. Here relationship is a continuous field; it is not divided and trapped between two individuals. Here the space for individuality is the stratum on which collectivity is celebrated. Here love is based not on any outside factor, agent or person; rather, it is an inside phenomenon. Love emanates from within the heart and soul of a person and gorges out, drenching all persons without making any discrimination on the basis of personality. This commune of mine is the culmination of human consciousness.




  • Who do you love
  • Journey into past
  • Floating Back to Present
  • Infidelity of her husband
  • Accusing him of incest relationship
  • Screwed by God
  • Fucked by wife
  • Prove your love
  • Encounter with un-imaginable
  • May I behold you O beautiful lady?
  • Mystery of love
  • Mom, would you mind if have sex with someone?
  • You love me, that’s why you kiss me; or since I let you kiss me, that’s why you love me?
  • How to make nation corruption free
  • Profitable business without investment and risk
  • Quantum jump into Eternal Divine Bliss
  • Enjoying sex party
  • Media abuzz about PM’s relative’s corruption
  • Women are golden gate to unknown, The Vast and Ultimate
  • Whether he gives extra services too than just the body massage?
  • Feel privileged if gloom and sorrow has descended in your life
  • Uncharted journey to unknown
  • Appointment of new PM
  • Dancing in the ocean of God
  • Introspecting present life
  • Are you handicapped in spite of having all organs working perfectly well?
  • Naked dance of his wife and crowd
  • How to live cosmo-centric life
  • How to make India shine?
  • Freedom from all sorrow
  • Freedom from sin and guilt feeling
  • Media Queen Mrs. Gayatri arrested
  • e-engineer the Universe within you
  • Conspiracy by Prime Minister
  • Determinism v/s Freewill
  • Dusk spreads its velvety curtain over horizon





Screwed by the God


The valley was surrounded by mountains both the sides and in between the river was there flowing, separating both mountains apart from each other. Mountains were in the deep meditation, in the state of ‘here and now’. Present was scattered everywhere. The fog and mist of silence was falling and rolling down from the peaks and filling up the entire valley with its density. The dark sky covered the entire surrounding into a small periphery. Everything was silent.


The light, coming down from the lamp-post, appeared to be tired, was trying to anyhow perform its official duty to light the ambience in half slumber and in half awakened state. The whole town was in sleep. But, the river…it was still flowing fast and fast, trying to reach its final destination as soon as possible. The whole ambience remained just interplay of silence and sound of flow of the river. The river kept flowing from present to future, carrying the past and depositing it on the shore. In the silence future was getting dissolved, and the sound of flow of river rebounded the present everywhere.


They both were sleeping. No, not sleeping, lost…., lost somewhere. Where? In future or past? In another world or where? A few hours back they were here, in the arms of each other. Caressing, kissing, licking and smooching each other. Amber in the womb of their being was desperate to come to the surface of their body. As their bodies rubbed against each other, the amber burst into flame, engulfing not only their entire bodies, rather the whole existence. As the flame rose up, their essence was transported to another world, probably to heaven. Only their earthly existence remained here on the earth, on this bed.


Just then, his mobile phone rang. They fell down from the heaven onto the bed.

“Hello”, his voice made path to come out from his intestine.

“You are having a good sound sleep there. And see, for last 48 hours I have not slept even for a second. Whole night I have been crying; how could you sleep so peacefully there?”

“What has happened to you? Why are you not sleeping? Why have you called to me in midnight?” Sachin was thrown at to his present.

“You are really alone there? You are not there with Kavita?” Malvika cried.

“I am alone here; go and sleep. Don’t disturb me in midnight. Let me sleep peacefully”, Sachin growled.

“I am sure, she is there with you. Tell me the hotel where you are staying. I am coming to you in the morning.”

“Go, and get your mother fucked, you bitch. Don’t ever call me again”, he disconnected the phone with a jerk.

Within moments, they fell from heaven to hell, hell of the real world, hell of the social and family reality.

“What a bitch she is! She can’t let us live peacefully even for two days”, Kavita was brusque with rancour. “Do I disturb both of you at all when you are with her?” she gave petulant expression.

“She is my wife, you are not my wife”, Sachin could not tolerate the word ‘bitch’.

“She is your wife… it means what? She possesses you? And I am no one. I am just your keep, a paramour? With whom whenever you wish, you can play. And when you don’t wish, throw me out?”, she was trembling in anger.

“Just calm down, you know I love you”, the anger of Sachin at Malvika got lost somewhere as the anger of Kavita occupied the whole space.

“You love me…and your wife, what about her? You don’t love her?”

“Yes, I love her too. But, why are you ruining this moment because of her. We are together, let us enjoy the moment”, Sachin took her in his embrace.


She wanted to burst, but, his body-touch choked her anger and pulled her gently to the present moment. The flesh met the flesh in present; the soul met the soul again and wanted to fly beyond time. But, the flight was not of the both souls. Just her soul! Her soul started flying to the distant sky; but, his soul remained here on the earth, trapped in the room, being stretched to get divided into two, one of Malvika and another of Kavita.


But, where he himself existed? He had lost his existence; he was merely a pawn at the hand of time. He wanted to exist everywhere, but, existed nowhere.


Kavita brought his existence of her share back to this room, jerking and throwing his soul onto the floor. She asked all of a sudden, “Whom do you love more – to me or your wife?”

Poor Sachin, the husband, the lover, a man…. He appeared to have been raped by everyone, raped by time, raped by his own destiny, screwed by God.


About Swami Aaron (Dr. Aaron Thomas)


Swami Aaron is a very unconventional writer, spiritual scientist, psychotherapist and self-taught artist. He is a secular, new age spiritualist who belongs to no worldly religion. He helps people afflicted with problems of stress, anxiety, depression, suicidal tendency, addiction, fear, chronic diseases etc. through his spiritual training of as how to evolve to and realize. Super-Consciousness, the Infinite Eternal Bliss.


Please, visit the websites and for details about him.

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