journey of the speaking silence

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Book Title: Journey of Speaking Silence

Author: Swami Aaron (Dr. Aaron Thomas)

Genre: Poetry

Language: English

Formats:ePub, Mobi, PDF, HTML

Words Count: 9903

Size of Book: 5.5”X8.5”

No of Pages: 143


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Publisher: Ultimate Bliss Foundation

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 In the general state of consciousness, man is generally governed and characterized by basic instincts like all emotions of greed, anger, hatred, jealousy, lust, sex, hunger, thrust, love, struggle for power, wealth, fame and recognition etc. At this level if a man is more inclined towards materiality, he becomes a politician, businessman, bureaucrats etc. and if he is inclined to subtle aspect of materiality, he becomes an artist, writer, poet, singer, musician etc.


In this case, if a man is a poet, he writes social or philosophic poetry. “The Journey of Speaking Silence” is the outcome of my social level of consciousness. It is the product of my socially evolving mind which might have been emotional or, rational or sometimes, even revolutionary.


All these poems I had started writing when I was in tenth standard. These poems reflect my inner emotions, thoughts, anger, anguish, my struggle-outer with society as well as inner with my self.


I hope you will enjoy this collection of poetry, because they are the result of my evolution from collectivity to individuality, which ultimately led me to totality.




When a person steps in youth from adolescence and then, in adulthood, he goes through myriad of emotions and experiences of life.  These emotions are generally very intense, particularly, when he belongs to a lower middle class society as far as financial status is concerned; but, mentally the person is very ignited, having very high degree of intellectual and philosophic vision.  In this situation, he or she goes through a very tumultuous struggle in his outside as well as inside realm of existence.


Swami Aaron’s poetry book titled “Journey of the Speaking Silence” is the reflection of this tumultuous intense struggle of a mentally and intellectually ignited person who finds himself unfit in the mundane social order.

For all those persons who wish to pierce their consciousness till the core of their existence, this book of wonderful poetry is must.




Swami Aaron is a very unconventional writer, spiritual scientist, psychotherapist and self-taught artist. He is a secular, new age spiritualist who belongs to no worldly religion. He helps people afflicted with problems of stress, anxiety, depression, suicidal tendency, addiction, fear, chronic diseases etc. through his spiritual training of as how to evolve to and realize. Super-Consciousness, the Infinite Eternal Bliss.


Please, visit the websites and for details about him.





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  • Lonely amidst celebration
  • Lover and Beloved
  • Who realized the totality of the existence?
  • Real Color
  • Poet, Man and Human Being
  • Man and Woman
  • Are we really together?
  • Your silence screams
  • I am not ashamed of myself
  • I Love You Despite Your Hatred
  • Surrounded by Strangers
  • Unlived Life
  • Let me Celebrate Sorrow
  • In The Yard of Nature
  • Social Out-Rage
  • The Dream of Yesterday Night
  • Poor People
  • After Sex
  • A Pearl of Hope
  • The Pearls of Peace
  • The Divorce
  • Reflection of Death
  • A Street Where Humanity Groans
  • When She Cried
  • If I had more existence
  • God – I Hate You
  • The Train
  • My Love
  • Let Life Define Things
  • After she departed to another destination
  • My Solitude, Speak Something to Me
  • Tornado inside
  • Body Music
  • When a Fairy Sleeps
  • Wheel of time
  • An exploration towards infinite
  • Desolate memories
  • Alms
  • Expanding Sky
  • I and My Life
  • Beneath and Beyond Time
  • Rising Silence
  • What does Life Mean?
  • Percolating Drops
  • A Poem Buried Under Chaos
  • A Disintegrating House
  • That Tree
  • Life : A Poetry
  • In Desert of Life
  • Mosque and Temple
  • Our Country India
  • Our Life
  • In shelter of Childhood
  • A Meaningless Disintegration
  • A city trapped and confined within a dirty ball of lead
  • Man
  • Unlived Life





Lonely amidst celebration


Amidst cold chilly wind,

I am lonely;

it is easily understood.


But, you are lonely

amidst the celebration of the world,

it is beyond comprehension.




 Lover and Beloved


When you die,

Your husband will not be there with you,

but, I will be there with you.

No, your husband will be there with you physically;

I will not be there with you physically.


I will miss you,

your husband will miss you,

but, I don’t know

what will be more meaningful to you?

My missing you,

or, your husband missing you?


Anyway, these are immaterial,

whether, I miss you,

or your husband misses you.

The question is

whether, you miss yourself or not?




Who realized the totality of the existence?


A question for all so called

worldly intelligent people-


A lover and a beloved,

thebeloved proud of her position and privilege,

arrogant of having so many crazy lovers in her path.


Lovers trampling own existence,

squandering own life

just for a momentary happiness of the beloved.


Life, the possibility of infinite happiness;

Life, the possibility of all worldly power and privilege;

Life, the possibility of enjoying bliss of realizing the Ultimate Truth of Existence.


Then also, a lover offers own life on the altar of the beloved,

and then, gently departs from the world.


Now tell me-

Who realized the totality of the existence –

the lover or the beloved?



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