Ultimate Ecstasy

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Book Title: Ultimate Ecstasy

Author: Swami Aaron (Dr. Aaron Thomas)

Genre: Philosophic Fiction

Language: English

Formats: ePub, Mobi, PDF, HTML

Words Count: 64, 919

ISBN: 978-93-5265-914-2

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Publisher: Ultimate Bliss Publication

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It is very common in the Spiritual world to say that words are the biggest barrier in the realization of God. But, when one goes through Swami Aaron’s just released novel titled “Ultimate Ecstasy”, this maxim seems to be wrong. The powerful logic and fundamental question forwarded by the writer takes the readers to the last threshold of power of our material intelligence, and shrouds the readers with a thick layer of pristine silence in which the limitations of human understanding of the creation is clearly visible. Swami Aaron takes the situation from our real world of violence, sex, lust, money, power etc. and weaves the silence with his words so powerfully that the readers forget themselves, and travel to a new unknown world of altogether a different dimension. Later, when there is a pause, then readers realize that they have been reading a novel. This novel not only peeps into our superficial political and social system, rather it investigates into our conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious realms of our existence and unravels the mysteries of nature inherent in the profound ocean of our cosmic manifestation. The novel, on one hand takes the readers to the rush of adrenaline, while on the other extremity it makes the readers have a dip into the tranquil pond of pristine silence. Though this book is in the form of a novel, it is in fact a treatise on scientific spirituality, which has nothing to do with any worldly religions. As the story proceeds, it shows the step by step path to realize the eternal quest of mankind, i.e. God. Though, the book is in the format of a fiction; but, in fact, the content is a treatise of scientific spirituality showing actual path to readers having simoom in their heart and being to explore and realize God. Reading this novel of Swami Aaron is a must for all intelligent persons.


It is a story of the exploration into the genesis of cosmic manifestation and how a man unravels the eternal mystery called God, the apex of Super-consciousness, in a very scientific way without getting associated with any religion, passing through all negative instincts like violence, lust, sex etc. and having encounter with gruesome incidents like the communal riot of Godhra train burning in Gujarat, India, the terrorists attack on World Trade Tower in America etc.


The story begins with a dream. The main character of the novel, Raj, finds himself sexually fantasizing and interacting with a girl Malvika in the dream, whom he hated in his actual life. Raj, though running an advertising agency and having well settled material and social life, comes across a girl Jennifer. Though being happily married and loyal to his wife, the interaction of Raj with Jennifer takes him to an uncharted journey of unknown, beyond the beyond. He gets indulged in sex with her, does number of tantric experiments with Jennifer to transcend the domain of mind in order to reach the apex of the super-consciousness. He explores the field of astrology just to know as how planetary disposition challenges the ultimate freedom of the mankind. He comes across the incidence of Godhra Communal Riot, deals with the blind orthodox beliefs of the humanity divided on the basis of sectarian religions. He experiments with sex with a model Sushmita. His sexual interactions with a number of women provoke his wife to establish sexual relation with her own brother in law and others. There are a number of characters and incidences involved in the story. Ultimately, Raj realizes the Supreme Absolute Truth called God – 


the highest absolute objective truth,

the culmination of all intelligence and prudence.


who belongs to no religion, who is beyond all faiths.


totally attributeless,

but, latent with all possible attributes.


the Ultimate Ecstasy, Ultimate Bliss and Beatitude,

Beyond the Beyond, still Omnipresent.


…The Ultimate…

…The Eternity…

…The Vast Expansion…

…The Vast Space…

…The Infinite Expansion of Ecstatic Silence…

…The age old search of the whole humanity…

…The God…




  • Scintillating in dream
  • Oscillating between dream and reality
  • Sliding into past
  • Finalizing the deal
  • Riding the tide of orgasm
  • Casting for an Ad Film
  • Exploring new avenues of the heart and soul
  • Dance of lust and sex
  • Casting couch
  • Void within
  • On the wings of heart to unknown
  • Taking off the layer of orthodox belief
  • Call from a stranger
  • Preparing for a new journey
  • Oscillating between the lust for sex and social morality
  • Break-out of Communal riots
  • Introspection
  • Religion, politics & communalism
  • Trying to understand the truth of God
  • Communal Politics
  • Following the unconventional path
  • Business as usual
  • Encounter with present
  • Venturing into Tantra Experiment
  • Justification
  • New Horizon
  • Continuing the journey
  • Exposure
  • Chasing the goal
  • God Explained for Atheists and Simplified for Theists
  • Exploring the new dimension
  • Astrology with Management Consultancy
  • Determinism v/s Free will: Astrology and Beyond
  • Paying the price
  • Acceptance
  • Life between the parallels of Past and Present
  • The Ultimate Realization






Scintillating In Dream


I still wanted to sleep for one or two more hours, but the hangover of the dream which I had seen a few hours ago was so overwhelming that I was dragged to my sense. Unwillingly I got up; my wife and kids were still in deep trance. The face of my wife was glowing in the light of night bulb with the radiance of profound devotion to her kids and family. There appeared another process too on her face, coming from within her. While operating on computers as the vast log of data creep scrolling continuously, same way a process was going inside her. The fatigue of the daylong drudgery seemed to be steaming off by and by. The kids appeared so innocent and cute that it gave the impression that they were quite ingenuous; while daytime both of them are so naughty that they are always on nerves.


Finding everyone sleeping, I felt secluded. I constantly watched the wall in front of me and then, by and by I again slipped into the ambit of the same dreaming alley through which I had a juicy excursion during my sleep.


“She looked dressed up in a complete transformation. In her royal blue outfit and the swanky spectacle she was giving a totally different guise. Holding the palm of her little daughter, she was pushing the earth back and gently putting her steps forward step by step. The whole landscape was giving her a royal look like a queen was having a walk in the lush green garden of Buckingham Palace.


I gazed at her; I was just charmed, spelled and electrified. Her confident move was like she had a winning domination in a high profile summit of the representatives of all powerful states. A smile curved her sleek juicy lips into a seductive shape. She moved forward in a mild galloping style to conquer the whole world. I was simply mesmerized with her each and every bit of her physical and demeanor structure. I too made myself move forward, stretching my palm to have hold of her beautiful, delicate and sexy hand. As I took her hand in mine, a sensation generated in the navel of my body and gripped me all over. Being amused and mesmerized in my sensation I put my other hand on her shoulder and taking her together I promenaded into heaven. The touch of her body produced a heat giving me a warm sensation. I deliberately made my body touch hers here and there to have intense feel of deep sensation throughout my body. Each and every touch was a premium event. Each and every molecule of air between our bodies was getting highly ionized. May be she also was undergoing the same sensation. We moved, moved and kept moving until there came a corner of the fencing plants.


We sat on the grass. Her daughter un-trapped her palm from her mothers’ and ran away to the outstretched horizon of unrestrained joy and jubilation. Now, we were alone and together. She leaned a little bit with the support of her arms. I saw her, and then moved my sight down to the earth. A different sort of hot air started encompassing both of us. She lied down on grass. I made myself leaned, brought myself closer to her, a little bit more close and finally in her contact. A heat wave was evaporating from her body. I happened to put my lips on hers at once to witness the heat coming out of her body. I felt intense; but, anyhow managed to protect myself from being engulfed into the stretch of fire. I gripped her and pierced my vision into her eyes. Our eyes had an unexplained contract. We got up and moved towards the bungalow. The silence between us was having a boiling experience. We stepped into her bedroom.  As the door was shut, we had ribs breaking hug of each other and finally threw ourselves onto the bed. Keeping her in my grip, I undressed her, took off each and every cloth from her body. She appeared from her head to leg like a dazzling diamond and emeralds; a vast outstretch of priceless precious treasure. Each and every part of her body was shining with a bright sexy luster.


Before me was lying the vast unending infinitely outstretched ocean. I undressed myself hurriedly and had a jump into the turbulent vertigo allowing myself to be whirled around to an uncharted surge to infinity. I made myself creep over her nude body. The smooth flow of my body over hers and the scintillating strike of my chest to her erotic conical projection made me lose sense to go mad and frenetic. Embracing our body violently, we tried to squeeze our bodies into one. We made ourselves climb the crest of the surf and finally got drowned down into the fathomless depth of the vast majestic ocean.”


The sudden jump from highest space onto the earth awakened me from the dream. The throw into the real world made me bruised and smarting very badly.



About Swami Aaron (Dr. Aaron Thomas)


Swami Aaron is a very unconventional writer, spiritual scientist, psychotherapist and self-taught artist. He is a secular, new age spiritualist who belongs to no worldly religion. He helps people afflicted with problems of stress, anxiety, depression, suicidal tendency, addiction, fear, chronic diseases etc. through his spiritual training of as how to evolve to and realize. Super-Consciousness, the Infinite Eternal Bliss.


Please, visit the websites and for details about him.


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